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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcoming 2013

Looking back through my old posts, you can see that I'm slacking off again. It's been so long since I left INTI and graduated. And yeah, I went through the very dilemma most of the university graduates had, that is why I'm here so far away from home now.

The months between when I left INTI and when I traveled to this part of the world in September, I had a graduation trip with only 3 other guys (Yes, only 3, sad right?), had my friends come and visit my hometown, and worked in my cousin's PC shop. I took some time from the few months to seriously consider the next step of my life, and finally decided to visit an education agent. Applied for three unis here: Edinburgh rejected me, Manchester did not gave any response, so I settled with the option of studying in UEA, Norwich, which I think, for now, wasn't a bad idea (excluding the disappointment thrown upon me by the education agent/UEA accommodation office).

Took the flight offered by RBA and flew to Terminal 4 of London Heathrow Airport alone. Stopped for a transit at Dubai International Airport before that. It wasn't the first time for me to travel alone, but it was the first time for me to travel alone to the other side of the globe, staying on air for almost 12 hours. The first impression of London: cold, so freaking cold that it was like someone did not bother to switch off the A/C and left it on for ages. I'm used to it now, almost.

Some of the remains of Norwich Castle in the Norwich City Centre.

Some shots around the campus:

The Square.
View from one of the studying rooms in the library.

Now the year 2012 is almost ending (well, it ended back home), and when I saw the snapshot below again, I suddenly felt lonely. This is my first time to spend my New Year's Eve so far away from home. But anyway, Happy New Year and may everyone stay healthy and kept to their New Year's resolution!!

Yours truly,

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Short Trip to Genting

It had been announced earlier that today was the day of the installation for the 14th Yang-di-Pertuan-Agong, thus, a national public holiday for all states of the country. We took this opportunity and went up to Genting Highlands at 10.30pm the day before. It was an abrupt decision though, but I was very eager to go as the last time I've been there was 9 years ago.

On our way to Genting, we took a detour to pick Ah Tai up before continuing our journey up to the highlands. It was a chilly morning I should say, as it was still drizzling when we arrived at the First World Hotel lobby. We walked around the complex and took some pictures before settling down at the only operating Starbucks, which was crowded with people.


Credits to Jmi for the following photos:


Drinks we ordered after we settled down.
Too bad, no lens for you!
Packed ourselves and left Starbucks at around 3am. It was still drizzling out there, but not as bad as before. We were not so lucky as we were unable to view the supposed 'beautiful night skies' from the hilltop as clouds and haze blocked most of the lights. I felt content, though a bit disappointed due to the drizzle. And yea, Rika, you really should have joined us!!

Was dead tired when we reached home at 4am. I can't even charge myself completely. Guess I'll sleep early today. Ciao~


Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Looking at my last post, I smiled at myself. It's been four plus months since I posted something. No New Year post, no CNY post, not even my posts regarding my presentations last semester. Well, this happens always anyways, since I'm a lazy bum.

10 weeks passed since I started my internship/industrial training in SDTC. 6 weeks left and I can't wait already. Still having this dilemma: study or work? Listened to many seniors and friends, and I decided to continue studying, but I just can't bring myself to start running my engines. This can't do!! I have to push myself harder.

And today, I'm officially 22. Double-two FTW!! I did not expect to receive presents today actually. Thanks to dad and mum for the present they mailed!! Of course, my friends and housemates for their wonderful presents:
- Ms. J for the surprise in the morning.
- Nishanthi for the muffins she made. The muffins are yummy!!
- Hakaru for the fruit cake he baked. It served for my breakfast for a few days =D
- Also, thanks for the wishes on FB!! I really appreciate them!!

Suddenly missed my days in university. Missed how crazy we were. Wished I could go to Starbucks of LCCT at 12am in the morning again. Missed the scenery, missed the morning, missed the classes. Hmm... Why I'm being so sentimental? It's been three years staying in the hostel over there, of course I feel a wee bit nostalgic. Scrolled through some of the pictures I took in the mornings.



That should be it. Gonna stop here to enjoy the windy night breeze blowing tonight. Nitez~~


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Myagri Visit

Just a short recap on where I was last Wednesday.

Dr. Palsan arranged a trip for our class to visit Myagri, an agriculture-based biotechnology company. We were able to gain knowledge about the current trends of biotechnology in our country. The speakers also shared many of their experiences in the field, widening our views. Though there are many setbacks, we were encouraged to fight for opportunities. However, this made many of us, especially Rayyeow, to think that "兴趣不能当饭吃".

We were forced to leave early due to a broke down university bus. The bus we booked for the trip had to take over the broken down bus, scheduled to leave the university at aroudn 5.15pm. Some of us were not satisfied and left regrettably, blaming the management of the university.

Here are some photos taken during the visit. Too bad that we were unable to photograph many sections due to 'trade secrets'.

 Mr. Charles from Myagri giving us a speech.


The Trichoderma genus.

Filling up questionnaire.

 Refreshments. Note Ah Bian's expression.

 Will stop here. Need to grab something for dinner. 


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Royal Selangor Visit

Got a chance to visit Royal Selangor factory somewhere around Wangsa Maju during the Deepavali break. I was staying overnight in Skye's house the night before. Harvard also joined us in the visit that Sunday afternoon (he drove all the way from his house).

For those who do not know Royal Selangor, it is company that specializes in craft-making with pewter. It was originally a self-owned business, but it later grew into a globally renowned brand. We were greeted by the friendly staffs at the reception, and then went off to the main entrance via an elevator. 

We were able to get through without a tour guide, because someone among us will be our guide for the whole visit! Mr. Skye, our tour guide and also a part-time staff in Royal Selangor, led us through the galleries, explaining while we were viewing their products. It was really an eye opener, knowing the pewter industry of our country. The only thing is, he did not tell us we were coming, so I did not bring my camera, and have to use my lousy phone camera to capture the following images:

Periodic table in one of the galleries.

Photo frames, anyone?

The Twin Towers, made of pewter!!

 Some of the many ordered products by famous corporations.

Was saddened by the tragedy that happened in Putatan yesterday afternoon. I can't believe it when I saw someone posting the horrible photos on Facebook. I always thought that the scenario will only happen in the movies... Really hope that the railway safety will be heightened, and I pray for the missing ones. Sheryl is sad too. =[

Before signing off, I wish everyone a Happy belated Halloween!!

And yeah, I officially removed the chat box on the left. I freaking hate those people that comment and gave stupid backlinks just to boost their sites' flow.

Yours truly,

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Got bored of reading articles and journals. So I'll write something here again after a 2-month gap.

Since this is the final semester for us (my friends and I) in university, some of us decided to have a party before we go for our internship. After much consideration, majority of us voted to have steamboat on Tuesday (4th October). The planning was led by HY, KY and the other girls, and our venue on that day was at KY's rented unit in Desa Palma.

Tuesday was chosen as it was the common time slot for everyone of us, and everyone wanted to let it out after 3 tests, namely Environmental & Industrial Biotech, Food & Agro Biotech and Bioethics, though some of us still have Medical & Pharmaceutical Biotech test next Thursday.

Well of course, the girls were busy preparing even before the gathering. They were almost done when I reached KY's house. And what most of the boys did were only bringing their eating utensils, including me!! =D

Late-comers shall not enter!!

Ganasnyer, Jason ni...

Caught while eating. Note the yam lou on the left.

Ray was so delighted that he cried while eating.

Credits go to HY for the following photos:

How sweet...

Everyone watching the intense Memory Game match.

Group photo.

Too bad some of us was unable to join us (for example, Uncle Kinnit, the uncooperative one). That night was a total blast, as we laughed our ass off with jokes and games. from 7pm to 11.30pm. I will definitely cherish this gathering~